SCANNDYgun Barcode only
Barcode Scanner with gun grip and a big trigger button

SCANNDYgun is the advancement of the basic variation and designed for the daily continuous performance in logistics and Industry. Its ergonomic gun grip with a big trigger button allows comfortable capturing even after countless scanned barcodes. Through its professional construction SCANNDYgun captures barcode labels pinpointed and the productivity rises.

Working over the head to achieve the AutoID codes at hardly approachable places SCANNDYgun is the data capturing professional for special assignments. An optional available docking station allows to use the mobile data collector as a stationary device with cable connection.

Fields of Application:

  • Gun grip and a big trigger button
  • Logistics & Transport
  • Asset Tracking
  • E-Ticketing
  • Job calculation

Special Features:

  • Ergonomic gun grip and big trigger button
  • Perfect connection by integrated Middleware / EMMware
  • Robust housing for use in harsh environments
  • Embedded LINUX system
  • OLED-Color-Display
  • Alphanumeric 19 key keyboard
Scanndy gun
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